Collaborative Think Partner
Charita is inquisitive, and because she is naturally curious, her inquiries do not follow tradition. See, Charita frequently begins with the end game in mind and works the ideas from there. So when working with Charita, you are likely to get an incredibly original idea (“THE WHAT”) and the strategy of execution (“THE HOW”) shortly thereafter. Clients appreciate that. Said one client: “Too many times, I’ve called Charita with the most basic ideas only to be stunned when she comes back a few hours later with a detailed comprehensive plan on content creation.”
What’s different about her process is that she is gifted in both creating and moving ideas into action. When working with Charita, you get a complete package of resources, someone highly engaged involved in the process – from concept to creation to delivery. Known to friends as ‘The Gadget Girl’ (she’s usually up on the latest and greatest!), Charita has an active toolbox. She can accommodate clients who are comfortable in either the digital or analog space because she moves with agility between both.
make changes in something established, especially by introducing new methods