Multi-Platform Content
Charita’s ability to blend her competency of business acumen with creativity and innovation is best highlighted within the diverse strategies she created for both large and small businesses.
During her tenure at ESPN she repeatedly over-delivered while leading content initiatives on both linear and non-linear platforms. This is because she understood the importance of multi-platform content long before it became an industry norm. Her thorough understanding was imperative to bridge ESPN’s growth — although some said it may have been ahead of its time, a phrase Johnson is familiar with hearing.Her successful cross-platform content strategies successfully delivered on company-wide editorial and business objectives. This thinking was outside of the traditional siloed business groups.
Communication Strategy

There are two distinct skill sets needed to create a new business strategy or a rebuild. Charita has been tasked with – and achieved – great success in both environments. As Vice President, Production Digital Audio (a rebuild), she developed a strategy for the digital audio content business at ESPN, which delivered 59% increase for the on-demand audience. The year-over-year growth drove increased revenue through product placement and sponsorship integration.

Her ability to create a strategic communication plan and disseminate information effectively was honed through organizing and facilitating the annual company-wide priorities meeting. Striking the balance of deep analysis of the company survey, individual department’s presentation and the predetermined key business directives that were presented determined the level of success.

The means of live or on-demand communication that reaches & influences people